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Today Ventures

toDay Ventures leads Pre-Seed funding and offer a bridge to Seed round, together with network of Angel Investors and Seed VCs. toDay Ventures is looking to invest in tech-oriented early stage B2B startups, founded by outstanding entrepreneurs with strong vision and passion for innovative technologies.

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Today Boost

toDay Boost program is dedicated for early-stage B2B startups, Helping technology-driven entrepreneurs, Make their vision work! toDay was created to deliver our 'make it work' approach to a hand-picked startups. We're looking to be part of your startup's challenging journey. Let's meet.

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Make it Work


Getting things done, is easier said than done, mainly at early stage and with a limited team. We dedicate time and effort to support the startup CEO accomplish his goals.


We lead Pre-Seed funding of up to $1M and offer a bridge to Seed round, together with a network of Angel Investors and seed VCs.


Whether you need just a short term guidance or a long term advisor. We adjust the level and type of support based on your needs.


Our 'working together' approach isn't just a slogan, we actually
share our collaborative office space with the startups we work with.


Vision, Set, Goals!
That's the process we would like to accomplish with early stage entrepreneurs. toDay boost is a 6 months program to get your startup up and running on the right path.


At early stage, it's all about making sure the product market fit process is right, but no less than that, making sure you have the right design partners on your side. We will help you meet and work with the partners that fit you.

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What we look for?

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Our Portfolio

6 Employees, Seed Funded, USA


Our software autonomously manages last-mile fleets and interacts with customers. We help you maximize customer satisfaction AND reduce operational costs.


“toDay gave Package a boost start by securing our Pre-seed funding on day one of the program.
It was very valuable that during the program we were able to focus mainly on product market fit.”

7 Employees, Seed Funded, USA, Europe

External Surface
Management Platform

Discover, analyze and protect your company’s exposed servers and IoT.

Yaron Tal, CEO

“toDay investment platform enabled us to meet potential investors with strong added value for Reposify
toDay investment in Reposify Seed funding together with their support, enabled us to secure the round in no time."

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Team & Advisors

Roni NIzri Geva

Managing Partner

Shay Michel

Managing Partner

Fred Van Den Bosch

Investor / Advisor

Ronen Siman Tov

CTO, IBM Alpha
Zone / Tech advisor at toDay

Ilan Dray

VP Creative, Cybereason /
Product advisor at toDay

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